• Res sliced meat with vegetables and spices
  • Bowl of stew, salad on the side
  • Burrito with meat and vegetables, salad on the side
  • Meat and vegetables with red sauce, salad and snacks on the side
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Our story

Solomon and Rekik grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. For Rekik, as a young girl, weekend morning rituals consisted of going to the vibrant food markets in the streets of Bolé, buying fresh vegetables, stopping by the butchers, and attentively watching the produce turn into a variety of Ethiopian dishes in her mother's kitchen.

Bolé is where her love of Ethiopian cuisine and the art of cooking in general was first instilled in her. Bolé is also where Rekik dreamt of one day becoming a chef and letting others enjoy what Ethiopia has to offer. So, when the opportunity came for Solomon and Rekik to finally open their restaurant, the name was non-negotiable, neither was the taste and quality of their dishes. While we are known for our mouth-watering Tibs and Kitfo which is made with authentic Ethiopian food, herbs, and spices, we are also known for our delicious veggie and meat entrées. From the way our traditional dishes are served to the creativity of our non-traditional dishes our restaurant strives to deliver on the excellence that our customers expect!

Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine

Bolé Ethiopian Cuisine is a fine-dining establishment that strives to deliver on the excellence that our customers expect! All entrées are prepared with the finest ingredients that are delicately blended with warm, zesty spices to deliver the full flavor of authentic Ethiopian cuisine to the Twin Cities community!

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Bolé Express

Bolé Express is an extension of our passion and dedication to make the globally celebrated Ethiopian culinary culture more accessible to the community we serve. We value authentic taste, speed of service & healthy options for our customers. Come in and enjoy!

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